Dr. Sheetalkumar Hiran

Dr. Sheetalkumar Hiran

Specializes in:Consultant Interventional Cardiology
DNB – Cardiology, FACC, FESC, FSCAI
DNB, MNAMS, FCPS – Medicine
Fellow American College of Cardiology
Fellow European Society of Cardiology
Fellow SCAI, USA
Experience: 15 Years
Dr. Hiran Sheetalkumar Prakash emerges as the preeminent figure in cardiology, proudly holding the esteemed titles of the best Heart Specialist in Nashik and the best Cardiologist in North Maharashtra. His academic prowess is underscored by the achievement of a double DNB, marking his post-graduation in Internal Medicine and super specialization in Interventional Cardiology
This distinguished professional has left an indelible mark through collaborations with renowned institutions like KEM Hospital, Nair Hospital, and Jaslok Hospital. Notably, his tenure at Jaslok Hospital, working alongside the esteemed Dr. Ashwin B Mehta, has significantly enriched his cardiological acumen.
Dr. Hiran's commitment to excellence is evident in his mastery of various cardiological procedures, including complex angioplasties like Bifurcation stenting, Chronic total occlusion, and Left main angioplasty. With an extensive track record of over 30,000 procedures, including more than 15,000 personally conducted in Nashik up to 2020, he rightfully holds the mantle of being the best Heart Doctor in Nashik.
A trailblazer in introducing the 'Primary Angioplasty program' in Nashik, Dr. Hiran revolutionizes heart attack interventions with direct angioplasty, a technique that distinguishes him as the best Cardiology Doctor in North Maharashtra. This groundbreaking procedure, previously prevalent in western countries, is now accessible at your fingertips in Nashik, particularly under Dr. Hiran's expertise.
Dr. Hiran's unique skills in these specialized procedures are not just locally recognized but have garnered international acclaim. As a sought-after faculty member at national and international conferences, he shares his expertise with cardiologists worldwide. This dedication has earned him prestigious titles, including the youngest Indian doctor honored as 'Fellow of the American College of Cardiology,' 'Fellow European Society of Cardiology,' and 'Fellow Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions.'
In addition to being the best Cardiologist in Nashik, Dr. Hiran Sheetalkumar Prakash is recognized as the Cardiologist at Nine Pearls Hospital. His exceptional contributions to the field of cardiology have not only solidified his standing as a local luminary but also positioned him as a globally recognized leader in interventional cardiology. If you're seeking the best heart specialist in Nashik, look no further than the expertise of Dr. Hiran at Nine Pearls Hospital.
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