Dr. Vinayak Shenage

Dr. Vinayak Shenage

MBBS, DNB, FIAGES, EX Sr, Resident And Sr. Research Fellow Tata Memorial Hospital.
Consultant Cancer Surgeon
Trained at Tata Memorial Hospital in Oncosurgery
Dr. Vinayak Shenage is a renowned and highly skilled Oncology specialist, proudly serving as a Consultant Cancer Surgeon at Nine Pearls Hospital, the leading medical facility in Nashik, North Maharashtra. With an impressive educational background and a wealth of experience, Dr. Shenage stands as a beacon of expertise in the field of Oncosurgery
Educational Background and Training
Dr. Vinayak Shenage holds a distinguished set of qualifications, including an MBBS, DNB (Diplomate of National Board), FIAGES (Fellowship of the Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo Surgeons), and the esteemed title of Ex Senior Resident and Senior Research Fellow at Tata Memorial Hospital. His training at Tata Memorial Hospital, a renowned center for Oncosurgery, has laid the foundation for his exceptional skills and knowledge in the domain.
Specialization and Areas of Expertise
Dr. Shenage specializes in Oncology, focusing on various aspects of cancer treatment. His expertise extends to Head and Neck Oncosurgery, Breast Oncosurgery, and reconstruction procedures. Additionally, he is wellversed in GI (Gastrointestinal) and GU (Genitourinary) Cancer Surgeries. With a track record of over 3000 cancer surgeries performed, Dr. Shenage brings a wealth of experience to Nine Pearls Hospital.
Extensive Experience and Dedication
Boasting a remarkable 10 years of experience in Oncosurgery, Dr. Vinayak Shenage is a seasoned professional committed to providing the highest quality of care to his patients. His journey includes extensive training at Tata Memorial Hospital, where he refined his skills and gained hands-on experience in intricate procedures related to Oncosurgery.
Leadership and Contribution
Apart from his clinical responsibilities, Dr. Shenage has also served as a Senior Research Fellow at Tata Memorial Hospital, showcasing his commitment to advancing the field of Oncosurgery through research and innovation. His contributions to the medical community go beyond the operating room, making him a wellrounded and respected figure in the field.
Patient-Centric Approach
Dr. Vinayak Shenage is not just a skilled surgeon; he is also known for his compassionate and patient-centric approach. Understanding the emotional and physical challenges that accompany a cancer diagnosis, he ensures that his patients and their families feel supported and well-informed throughout their journey.
Best Doctor in Oncology in Nashik and North Maharashtra
With a focus on providing unparalleled care and leveraging the latest advancements in Oncosurgery, Dr. Vinayak Shenage has rightfully earned the title of the Best Oncology Specialist in Nashik and North Maharashtra. His commitment to excellence and patient well-being positions him as a trusted healthcare professional in the region.
If you are seeking the expertise of a seasoned and dedicated Oncology specialist, Dr. Vinayak Shenage at Nine Pearls Hospital is the ideal choice. Experience compassionate care and world-class treatment under the guidance of the Best Oncology Specialist in Nashik and North Maharashtra.
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